Our Story

Apollo's Divine was created with the purpose of forging accessories to connect people with their most treasured emotions. Safeguarding their cherished memories and experiences is our mission.
A further inspiration for Apollo's Divine is the Ancient Greek mythology. Each collection is named after a Greek God that embodies the purpose of the collection. The Ancient Greeks used myths to symbolize various lessons and philosophies. Distinct objects like Apollo's Lyre or Poseidon's Trident are used to accompany gods and the Ancient Greeks often made use of simple objects as reminders for memories or philosophies.
The idea for a brand that forges connections between objects and memories or emotions draws a close parallel to Ancient Greece and its mythology, which is where the Greek inspiration for the brand originated.
Just like the Ancient Greeks, we believe that it is possible to create a strong bond between you, your emotions and memories, and that you can look stylish while doing so! Our mission is to form ways for people to treasure their experiences that much more.