Our Carbon Negative Promise

Our Goal

We at Apollo's Divine believe in taking care of our Earth as much as possible. Everybody has a responsibility to look after the planet and Apollo's Divine is no different.

We therefore decided to make a promise, that Apollo's Divine will always be a carbon negative company (in other words, we remove more carbon out of our atmosphere than we produce). We will do this by planting 1 tree for every product a customer purchases.

Apollo's Divine will be using the non-profit: tree-nation.com to plant the trees all around the world. We chose tree-nation.com as they offer numerous different species of trees that can be planted all around the world!

You can even see the trees that Apollo's Divine has planted so far yourself!

How does it work?

Get an insight into how we deliver on our promise


1 Tree Planted Per Product
We offset our carbon footprint by planting trees with Tree-Nation. For every product ordered 1 tree is planted. On average, this removes over 200 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere per product.


Trees Planted Globally

The trees are planted in various countries all around the world, such as Tanzania, Nepal, and many more, to ensure we can have a global environmental impact.


CO2 Is Removed

After the trees have been planted, they will continue to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere for years to come. This is the magic that makes your product and Apollo's Divine carbon negative!

5198 kg of CO2 Removed

9 Different Species Planted

In 6 Continents

When are the trees planted?

The trees are automatically planted once you order from us. Tree-Nation will be immediately notified to plant the trees so the process can be as smooth as possible.

Where are the trees planted?

We use Tree-Nation to plant the trees globally, spanning 6 Continents. Most trees will be planted in warm/tropical climates found in Asia, South America and Africa, as those areas tend to be more impacted by deforestation. Apollo's Divine has planted trees in Nepal, Tanzania, Madagascar, Peru, France, USA and Australia

What types of trees are planted?

All sorts of species of trees are planted, which absorb between 10 and 900 kg per tree. In this way, we can diversify the types of areas we plant our trees in. So far, Apollo's Divine has managed to plant 9 different species of trees.

How can I see the trees Apollo's Divine has planted?

How do you calculate the CO2 removed?

To calculate the CO2 removed, we need to know 2 values:

      1. The CO2 produced from manufacturing and shipping
      2. The CO2 absorbed by the trees planted

1.The CO2 produced from manufacturing and shipping one product
To find the CO2 produced from manufacturing and shipping a product, we look at the manufacturing and shipping process separately. Firstly, for manufacturing, we look at the average CO2 produced for creating the materials for our products (such as stainless steel for our Chártis bracelets). This is where the majority of the CO2 is released in production.

Then for the shipping, which is where more than 90% of the CO2 is released in supplying the product, we make some assumptions to overestimate the CO2 produced to be sure that we are not overestimating the CO2 removed. We assume that all of the shipping is done by plane (which is the most polluting form of shipment) and that the product is shipped a distance of half the circumference of the Earth (which is physically the most any shipment will ever have to travel). We use https://www.carboncare.org/en/co2-emissions-calculator.html to calculate the CO2e produced (the Carbon Dioxide and CO2 equivalents emitted) during such a shipment.

Adding together the values of CO2 produced from manufacturing and shipment, we obtain the total amount of CO2 produced for one of our products.

2. The CO2 absorbed by the trees planted
Finding the CO2 absorbed by the trees planted is easier, as Tree-Nation provides a value for the kilograms of CO2 absorbed by the trees we have planted. You can also see this here: https://tree-nation.com/profile/apollos-divine.

Finally, by using the equation:    CO2 Removed = CO2 Absorbed - CO2 Produced    we obtain the kg of CO2 Removed.

For more information about this, you can contact us at contact@apollosdivine.com